Isidore CredApps Corporate Credit Card Application Software

Isidore CredApps

Isidore Credit Card Application Software provides web-based administration for management of Credit Cards and Applications:

  • Employee Portal allows self-service Applying for and Managing cards
  • Current Status of Application
  • Multiple Card Providers (Banks)
  • Workflow of Application for approval
  • Upload/integration with Card Providers
  • Integration with HR data for automated management of employee details and cancellations
  • Adminstration management Dashboard
  • Reporting (Excel, PowerPivot and Business Intelligence)
  • Export of all data to Excel
  • Audit trail and instant search of employee and card history
  • Full integration with Transaction Management SOftware

Centralise all data collection activities and give CFO/Administrators currency and simlpicity of data and activities.

Give personnel easy to use systems that make then proactive rather than reactive.

Reduces effort through efficient and easy to use screens.