Isidore FBT Fringe Benefits Tax Software

Isidore FBT

Isidore's Fringe Benefits Tax Software is a robust and extensive FBT database for capturing and reporting on Fringe Benefits Tax. Key benefits of Isidore's FBT software include:

  • View a summary of all benefits which can be drilled into for detail by benefit, Department and Employee
  • Management and Reporting of FBT Budgets for the next FBT Year by any number of organisation levels
  • Actuals input/loading for comparison to Budget as the current year progresses
  • Online Employee FBT Declarations to reconcile with benefits immediately
  • Bulk loading of any datasets (text, csv, Excel files)
  • Integration with any external systems for automated loading of data
  • Data can be sources from ETL tools (SQL Server, Oracle, SAP - Data Services
  • Single sign-on, single source of data
  • Provides the CFO/FBT Unit with complete visibility for accurate decision making
  • Workflow for management of tasks and status
  • Input of data by Employees, where appropriate, from a centralised web page
  • Employee login to view their current liability and FBT detail to go in Payment Summary
  • Business FBT Payable reporting
  • Tax Return formatted report for FBT lodgement
  • View and adjust formulas for GTV, TV and FBT Payable
  • Drill into detail for easy audit

Complex FBT Activities require transparency to easily view application of legislation and where changes/updates need to be made. Isidore provides a strong base to assist in the collection and calculation of FBT Benefits which can be easily refined.

Isidore's FBT software is limitless in it's functionality due to easy customisation and can be moulded to the organisations exact requirements.

Centralise all data collection activities and give CFO/FBT Unit currency and simplicity of information and activities.

Give personnel easy to use systems that make then proactive rather than reactive.