Isidore CBMS Centralised Budget Management Software

Isidore CBMS

Isidore CBMS is a Centralised Budgeting tool designed for Jurisdictions/Governments to manage their budget process from setting of budgets prior to the start of the cycle to managing expenditure as actuals replace budget values.


  • Administer the structure of any number of Ministries/Departments/Boroughs at any time
  • Administer the structure of financial statements and reports at any time
  • View a live consolidation of the entire Country/Jurisdiction/State down to each level of hierarchy to a Cost Centre/Project/Activity
  • Integrates with Finance (FMIS/ERP) software to provide live tracking of expenditure
  • Set celings for expenditure by Project/Donor/Activity/Cost Centre which cannot be exceeded
  • View the current status if any area of budget including heirarchial structure or Account Codes or any combination of these
  • Comply with the World Bank and UN reporting requirements
  • Easily managed and admistered without the need for complex hardware or technical personnel