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Why Isidore?

Isidore offer a no risk technical solution to your business needs. If you spend a lot of time with difficult processes and systems we can help streamline them. From advice on how best to manage data to providing you with a complete solution.

We simplify things and do not use complicated language or buzz words.

About Us

What we Do?

Isidore Process Improvement

Isidore specialises in providing the following outcomes:

  • Creating and improving Excel workbooks and improving functionality (including VBA, macros, reports and database connections)
  • Creating and improving Microsoft Access databases to replace Excel or to improve existing functionality (including VBA, macros, reports, file loading, database connections and much more)
  • Replacing Excel and Access with a web-based database where the process has outgrown their use
  • Installing and implementing SQL Server databases including development, management, maintenance, reporting and much more
  • Installing and implemneting Internet Information Services for web based databases including creating websites/web applications to connections and much more
  • Installing and implementing Microsoft Windows Server for hosting web based applications
  • Integration with any existing systems, FMIS Systems including SAP, Technology One, Epicor and much more

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