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Why Isidore?

Isidore offer a no risk technical solution to your business needs. If you spend a lot of time with difficult processes and systems we can help streamline them. From advice on how best to manage data to providing you with a complete solution.

We simplify things and do not use complicated language or buzz words.

DTA Panel
Isidore is on the DTA Marketplace panel for Australian Government procurement.

About Us

What we Do?

Isidore Process Improvement

Isidore specialises in providing the following outcomes:

  • Creating and improving Excel workbooks and improving functionality (including VBA, macros, reports and database connections)
  • Creating and improving Microsoft Access databases to replace Excel or to improve existing functionality (including VBA, macros, reports, file loading, database connections and much more)
  • Replacing Excel and Access with a web-based database where the process has outgrown their use
  • Installing and implementing SQL Server databases including development, management, maintenance, reporting and much more
  • Installing and implemneting Internet Information Services for web based databases including creating websites/web applications to connections and much more
  • Installing and implementing Microsoft Windows Server for hosting web based applications
  • Integration with any existing systems, FMIS Systems including SAP, Technology One, Epicor and much more

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