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Isidore Rapid Application Development (Isidore CFO)

Isidore Rapid Application Development

Isidore provides a premier Rapid Application Development service, where the Isidore CFO platform is used to custom build software to suit any requirements, without exception.

Where there is no suitable off-the-shelf software and a business process has outgrown MS Excel and MS Access (or any combination of tools) Isidore is able to provide the best outcome for clients using our platform - Isidore CFO. This works by taking the base platform with administration functions and adding any new functionality imagineable!

Department of Defence

“I can't believe this survey tool took 2 days to build, something has to go wrong!”


Isidore have been developing custom software for 20 years. This experience and the use of our platform allow us to build functionality very quickly. This is within a fraction of the time most people expect. We can generate a new screen in front of your eyes that can be used immediately!

Isidore extends the opportunity to provide you with a live demonstration of how quickly a solution can be built. We assist with the complete process from gathering requirements through to documenttion, building a solution assisting IT (or being your IT), installing the software to training and support after live! There is nothing we don't do.

Here are some of the services and products we offer as part of Rapid Application Development:

  • Loading of data from XML, CSV, text files and SQL databases (live link)
  • Collation of data from multiple sources
  • Integration with major bank systems
  • Integration with internal HR, Finance and transaction systems
  • Exports to Excel
  • Dashboards
  • Live on screen, printed and exported to Excel reporting
  • Live Excel linked reports
  • Automated emails configured and sent from within System
  • Configurable System Settings
  • User administration including automated addition and deactivation from HR file

Case Studies

Department of Finance and Deregulation

The Department of Finance (DoFA) wanted to improve their Budgeting, Planning and Forecasting process, as they were using a spreadsheet based system which they found inefficient, time consuming and restrictive. DoFA also had unique requirements that could not be met by any existing software on the market without significant customisation and cost. Isidore implemented our Budgeting solution with all of the intricacies required by DoFA.

Commonwealth Rehabilitation Services

Isidore provided CRS Australia with our Budgeting solution which performed the same functions as their existing spreadsheets, was as easy for non-accounting managerial staff to use and was centralised in their Head office so admin staff could open and close access, make changes immediate and view the budgets as they were being entered by staff regardless of where they were located in Australia.

Geoscience Australia

Utilising the flexibility of Isidore, this assisted Geoscience to move to performing Forecasting, which would have previously been virtually impossible. Isidore now automatically integrates with Oracl Oracle (Geoscience's Financial Information Management System) so actuals are automatically loaded into Isidore each month, and relevant reporting can be performed for ongoing analysis.