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Isidore Budget

Isidore SME is Budgeting, Forecasting and Reporting software for business and Governments designed for real-time management of decentralised budgets at multiple hierarchial levels as a replacement to spreadsheets or cumbersome add-ins to Finance systems

Department of Finance and Deregulation

“As SAP cannot provide the functionality we have with Isidore, could we upgrade and continue with Isidore?”


  • Administer the structure of any number of Groups/Departments/Units/Sections/Branches/Divisions at any time
  • Administer the structure of financial statements and reports at any time
  • View a live consolidation of the entire Organization (or multiple Organizations) down through each level of hierarchy to a Cost Centre/Project/Activity/GL Code
  • Integrates with Finance (FMIS/ERP) software to provide live tracking of expenditure
  • Incorporate actuals for easy monthly rolling forecasts and revised budgets based on the latest data
  • View the current status if any area of budget including heirarchial structure or Account Codes or any combination of these
  • Unify reporting and manage cycles, timing and reporting
  • Easily managed and admistered without the need for complex hardware or technical personnel

Technical Details

Isidore Budget is a web-based Microsoft SQL server application which can be installed on any version of SQL server (from 2003 onwards) and has a very light foot-print. This means that it does not require any additional software to loaded onto a clients server (other than SQL server and Internet Information Services) and is fully compatiblae with any versions of SQL and Windows Server. Not only does this mean that installation is straight forward in any Mircosoft environment, but it means that it is easily sustainable and managed through it's life. Software required/used:

  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Javascript/JQuery
  • HTML 5
  • ASP
  • IIS 5.0+
  • MDAC 2.8

More detailed Technical information available on request.

We do as much or as little as clients require when installing and leave no issues unresolved in a timely manner


Isidore Budget is primarily available as an on-premise version. As most Pubic sector organisations require integration with other systems (Financial Management Systems, Human Resource Systems, Asset Management Systems, Project Systems etc...) on premises is the preferred option and is fully supported by Isidore. Isidore consultants will assist you with the complete procurement through to installation and configuration of the system. Isidore are experts in IT and Finance.

Installation services we provide:

  • Procurement Documentation and Requirements
  • Documentation (Tehcnical and User)
  • IT Security Documentation and Assessments
  • Server Technical Requirements
  • Server Architecture and Configuration
  • Installation on Windows Server
  • SQL Server Installation and Configuration
  • IIS Configuration
  • Network requirements (DNS, URL, Domain and Cross-Domain access)
  • Connection methods and testing
  • Assist IT with installation
  • Assist business area with IT and preferred requirements
  • Business Analysis
  • Requirements gathering
  • Project Management
  • Testing/Test Cases and Phases
  • Go-Live and Hypercare for any period of time
  • 1st, 2nd and 3rd Level Support
  • Training (documentation and sessions - individual and group)
  • Change Management and Change Requests

Installation Timing

The specifications and modules selected, in addition to client availability, determines the timing for installation of Isidore Budget on a client's network and can take anywhere from one week to several months depending on:

  • Procurement Documentation and Requirements
  • IT Security Documentation and Assessments
  • Server and internal IT Department availability
  • Client Project Management requirements
  • Testing/Test Cases and Phases
  • Training (documentation and sessions - individual and group)
  • Change Management and Change Requests

Isidore Budget has been installed for clients in 3 months, from the end of procurement to go-live

Isidore Budget Pricing

In order to determine an appropriate price an Isidore consultant will need to draft requirements which takes Organisation, structure, modules, timing, installation type, integration, customisation and support into consideration.

The Isidore Budget price is calculated by:

  • License fee for initial software purchase
  • Annual Per User licenses
  • Annual License and Maintenance Fee

Note: This does not include consulting required to install and configure software, which is part of the installation process.

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Isidore Budget Support

Contact your service provider for any initial support queries.

If Isidore is your support provider:

  • Email our support team with your details and questions: info@isidore.com
  • Where your annual license provides phone support, please call Isidore on: +61 (0)922 9499 (Australian Eastern Standard Time)

Case Studies

Department of Finance and Deregulation

The Department of Finance (DoFA) wanted to improve their Budgeting, Planning and Forecasting process, as they were using a spreadsheet based system which they found inefficient, time consuming and restrictive. DoFA also had unique requirements that could not be met by any existing software on the market without significant customisation and cost. Isidore implemented our Budgeting solution with all of the intricacies required by DoFA.

Commonwealth Rehabilitation Services

Isidore provided CRS Australia with our Budgeting solution which performed the same functions as their existing spreadsheets, was as easy for non-accounting managerial staff to use and was centralised in their Head office so admin staff could open and close access, make changes immediate and view the budgets as they were being entered by staff regardless of where they were located in Australia.

Geoscience Australia

Utilising the flexibility of Isidore, this assisted Geoscience to move to performing Forecasting, which would have previously been virtually impossible. Isidore now automatically integrates with Oracl Oracle (Geoscience's Financial Information Management System) so actuals are automatically loaded into Isidore each month, and relevant reporting can be performed for ongoing analysis.