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Credit Card Application Database

Isidore has done what SAP didn't do. A Low risk, low cost, custom database.

Existing Process

The Australian Government Department of Defence processes 40,000 credit card applications per year not including adjustments to existing cards and adjustments of limits. The process to administer credit cards evolved from a very manual process to a system based approach using Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Outlook, which was refined over 14 + years.


The existing process began well but eventually outgrew the size limitations of Microsoft Access, which was not a system supported by the Department, and included many parts to the system in various Office tools which were difficult to manage and started showing strong signs of instability. It was widely recognised that the existing system was unstable and at end of life.


The Department of Defence’s card application and maintenance process was too specific and much bigger than other similar entities and there was also no off the shelf software which suited. A process to engage SAP for a solution had not succeeded, so the Department were left with the existing problem and no foreseeable solution, yet a couple of years set-back.

Isidore was able to demonstrate a quick prototype with the use of our platform on the Isidore server, for quick viewing. The Department was then able to progress with a requirements phase which involved the standard Isidore software to be installed and modified to suit the existing Credit Card process with no compromise. Isidore assisted the business team to write the requirements and while providing advice and options, did not try to move the Department away from the core process to suit the software.


The project to build the software took 9 months and was on time and on budget. The entire process and all of the features of the existing software were migrated to the new Isidore platform or re-engineered to make then more efficient and to take advantage of the technology improvements available with being a web-based, centralised solution.

The Department now has a robust system which has:

  • Reduced the effort required to perform admin tasks by 30%
  • Increased system up-time to 100%
  • Improved access to data
  • Improved speed of system
  • Improved audit-ability with all historical data available immediately
  • Low risk
  • High Data Quality
  • Become a single source of truth accessible by all valid users anywhere on the network

The solution features include:

  • Loading of data from XML, CSV, text files and SQL databases (live link)
  • Collation of data from multiple sources
  • Integration with major bank systems
  • Integration with internal HR, Finance and transaction systems
  • Exports to Excel
  • Dashboards
  • Live on screen and printed and exported to Excel reporting
  • Live Excel linked reports
  • Automated emails configured and sent from within System
  • Configurable System Settings
  • User administration including automated addition and deactivation from HR file

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