Africa Isidore

African Government

Isidore provides Centralised Budgeting Software (CBMS) to 5 African countries and growing.

Our experience within African gives us the ability to share best practices from the collective of nations using our software to collect and manage Budgeting data.

Through our partnership with SofTech in Africa we can support FMIS systems and integration with Isidore software.


  • Provide greater transperency of Government Financial activities.
  • Get extensive instant access to curent position, operations, projects and personnel at any level, as it is happening.
  • Simplicity of detail, providing an understanding by all decision makers as to where attention is required and what modifications to effect for a change in outcome.
  • Provides clarity, enables staff to function in their role and puts the executive at ease.
  • Coplies with World Bank requirements, giving full live tracking of Donor funding through to outcomes at the detail level.


  • Suitable for any size nation to perform the full budget cycle in a single system.
  • Also enabled Ministries/Departments to perform Internal Budgets in the same system, with ceilings to prevent over spend.
  • Easily installed and upgraded without the need for reliance on IT.
  • Convert all the Excel and "Other" systems with a robust application which shares common data and makes use easy.